Jessica May

For employers to implement and champion inclusive recruitment and employment practices for people with disability.

Employers to implement and champion inclusive recruitment and employment practices

Who am I?

Jessica May is the Chief Executive Officer of Enabled Employment. She has used her position as CEO of the company as a public platform for advocacy in disability employment, and has attended meetings, industry functions and media engagements to ensure the idea of self determination and an open marketplace for the employment of people with a disability not only gains traction in the market, but is raised as an issue in political and social arenas.

How you can help me to achieve my ambition

Share my ambition and get the message out to everyone that the disability employment market is set to change to be customer focused and break down the stereotypes that limit people with disability gaining employment.

Why should people support this action?

Enabled Employment intends to change the way people with disability are perceived by employers, and expand the horizons of those wanting to use their skills and abilities in the career of their choice.

By providing real opportunities for people with disability who have the skills and qualifications they'd like to use to gain meaningful work, we can address one of our biggest social issues -employment for people with disability.

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Ambition Update
Wed 20/4/16 10:00am

Enabled Employment has achieved some significant results in the last 12 months.  We have successfully placed over 125 people with a disability into employment and continue to be recognised as leading the pack in terms of a new way of approaching employment options for people with a disability.

Our business has grown substantially in the last year. We have 3900 candidates in comparison to 1300 candidates this time last year. We have also grown our employer base, last year at this time we had 85 employers using our services, and
this year we have grown our employer base to 250. The business is growing substantially with eight major supply contracts signed in the past year with major corporate companies.

We have continued to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with a disability in finding employment by presenting at The Australian Women's Leadership Symposium, appearing on Shark Tank and Studio Ten, as well as to Government and our Corporate clients.  As always, we share our stories of the challenges we have faced as well as challenging the stigma and conscious and unconscious bias that continue to be the main barriers for people with a disability in securing employment.

We expect, with Australia's ageing population, that disability will become more common as people age. With this in mind, we are ready for the challenge!