Norm Honey

For people living with disability to have the opportunity to rent affordable and accessible properties within the ACT.

Increase rental options

Who am I?

Norm Honey - Managing Director of Independent Property Management.

Which group of people or type of organisation do you want to take the action?

Property investors and property management businesses.

We want to encourage our investors to be open minded about tenancy terms which may support people with disability in securing a rental property.

This could include offering long term (5+ years) tenancies at competitive rates, re-thinking share house arrangements or approving assistance animals together with suggestions for property modifications for ease of access.

Agencies should be educating their landlords around the opportunities applicable to depreciation benefits when undertaking property modifications. They should also work with their preferred tradespeople to encourage competitive pricing for any modifications approved by the owner.

If landlords are happy to support the scheme they should be encouraged to have their name added to an in-house database so that when an appropriate opportunity presents, the Agency can access a short list of identified properties.

How you can help me to achieve my ambition

Spread the word! Share the campaign online and through social media platforms, educate and encourage landlords to participate and especially share success stories!

Why should people support this action?

Adequate housing is important for economic security; physical and mental wellbeing; independence; and identity.

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Ambition Update: Affordable and Accessible properties.
Mon 15/2/16 12:11pm

Independent Property Management are happy to say we have made good progress on our INVOLVE Ambition. Being in the property management and people business we are acutely aware that adequate housing is important to all people in our community. 

We pledged to work with our investors to understand the issues faced by people with disability. We also pledged to encourage our investors to be open minded about tenancy terms which may support people with disability in securing a rental property.

On a practical level we have been:

  • Educating our Landlords – we will run a workshop in 2016 which will focus on property modifications. We will invite an occupational therapist to talk with and be available for our landlords to understand the requirements – and of course the benefits of property modifications! 
  • Engaging with individuals to assist them to find accessible properties – we would like to develop a streamlined and practical pathway to increase this capability – watch this space!   
  • Networking and sharing our thoughts and ideas with like minded people. We hope you are spreading the word as well! 
  • Developing an in-house database to create links between tenants seeking a specific type of accommodation and our existing landlords – for us, the focus is on people. It’s all about communicating and building relationships.


We look forward to building on these initiatives and nurturing these relationships into 2016 and beyond!