Paul Dumetz

I would like to be involved in more exhibitions, galleries, markets, demonstrations and workshops.

Who am I?

I am a practicing artist and potter/ceramicist. I am a creative, artistic, hardworking, determined, diligent, loyal, passionate and patient. 

I love to draw, create and do activities with my hands and mind.

I like to teach my practice, mainly to children and people with disability.  I run an all abilities clay workshop every month at the Disability and Information Support Hub, and assist with running classes for children and adults at the Potters Society. 

I have won the following awards (selection):

  • Highly Commended at Ceramics Exhibition at Royal Canberra Show in 2012
  • Barbara Mayo Memorial Award at Ceramics Exhibition at Royal Canberra Show in 2012
  • Peoples' Choice Award 2010 @ Canberra Potters’ Society Annual Members’ Exhibition
  • Walker Ceramics Award 2010
  • Craft ACT Award 2008

I have participated in the following exhibitions (selection):

  • SURROUND/S, an exhibition of Canberra region ceramics, Watson Art Centre, 2015
  • Canberra Potters’ Society Annual Members’ Exhibition 2012
  • Ceramics Exhibition at Royal Canberra Show 2012
  • Multicap Exhibitions 2009 to 2011
  • City Heart Disability Exhibitions
  • Exhibition In the Crucible Showcase at Craft ACT as entailed by the Craft ACT Award in 2008

I have a website where you can view my work.   My work reflects a keen interest and fascination of the "life form" and the "organism", as well as interest in both Australian fauna and also mythological creatures. I have an interest with dogs and cats, and also the variety of different breeds of these animals. My work captures the beauty, character, strength, purity, emotion and facial expression of animals and creatures which interest me.

How you can help me to achieve my ambition

  • Display my artwork at their shop, galley, arts centre or studio.  Shops that sell pet products might be interested in displaying my dogs and cats which I can custom make from pet owner’s photos.
  • Develop a business plan to expand my sales and workshops.
  • Link me up with other potters and artists who can help promote my work
  • Contact me to run an all abilities clay workshop (suitable for adults and/or children) at your premises.

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Thu 11/2/16 5:40pm

Well, I have come to the end of my INVOLVE ambition campaign. It’s been an interesting, exciting journey and I have learnt ALOT!   With help from my supporters I am much closer to achieving my dream to be more involved in the arts community, and exhibit my art in galleries, workshops and arts centres.

Through the connections I developed I had the pleasure of working with a mentor Maryke Henderson. Maryke is a highly regarded potter and artist. Maryke taught me to look closely at my work with attention to detail as well as new techniques and ideas. I learnt how to finish work well and make it an acceptable standard for exhibitions and new ways to find and approach new networks, galleries and art centres which will help me achieve my dream.

An immense highlight of the year for me was being involved in an exhibition called Coexistence with Maryke at the Belconnen Arts Centre.  The exhibition featured unique wheel thrown and hand crafted ceramic art work which was based on the themes of frogs and the environment. My work reflects a keen interest and fascination of frogs, as well as their significance in the environment and the ecosystem so it was great to be a part of this exhibition.

While my INVOLVE ambition campaign is over I have developed great connections and relationships and want to continue working with all of the people who were so helpful in working with me towards my ambition. I really want to find new galleries and outlets to market my ceramic art and possibilities for workshops and teaching in 2016. I intend to continue working with Mentor Maryke Henderson on new work and learn new ideas and techniques. I also plan to continue ceramic workshops with clients from Catholicare Canberra and Goulburn.

Thank you to all my supporters through INVOLVE.  Maryke Henderson, Ann McMahon from Belconnen Arts Centre, Catholic Care Canberra and Goulbourn, The Canberra Potters Society, the INVOLVE team at Disability ACT and last but not least, my close family and friends who support me. I’m looking forward to learning new skills, meeting new people and continuing to work towards my ambition. If anyone would like to view my work you can visit my website.    

Paul Dumetz