Cooking Circles

Create leadership opportunities for women with disability through Cooking Circles.

Create leadership opportunities for women with dis...

Describe your community ambition

Cooking Circles is a community network of women and girls coming together to cook in homes and community centres. Women have the opportunity to interact in a welcoming and relaxed setting which builds relationships, leadership and confidence. The program aims to be open, inclusive and accessible to all women, and presently involves women living with disabilities.



How will you take action to achieve your ambition?

There is the opportunity to lead or 'host' a Cooking Circle and build communication, social and leadership skills this way. Women with disability attending an event are invited to lead the Cooking Circle and are supported by a volunteer who acts as an informal facilitator. Carers are also invited to attend events.


How could people in the community support your ambition?

People can support Cooking Circles’ Community Ambition by:

  • Making a donation
  • Fundraising through selling soaps
  • Attending a Cooking Circles event
  • Sponsoring a woman to attend an event

How will you promote your ambition to the community?

Through the Involve CBR web page and in linking to INVOLVE through social media channels.

What will success look like?

Over the next 12 months, women with disability within the Cooking Circle will be invited to lead an event.

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