Renaissance Homes

Our goal is to create houses that can change to meet the changing needs of the people living in them.

Our goal is to create houses that can change to me...

Describe your community ambition

We want to showcase a gold liveable housing standard and demonstrate that if more builders built adaptable housing, more people could stay in their homes when their life circumstances change.

My dad and I started this building company together and then he became quadriplegic and the world changed for him.  Being at home and visiting others, we suddenly became much more aware about how important an inclusive accessible home is to allow you to live where you want to live and have the people you care about visit you.

How will you take action to achieve your ambition?

In partnership with Master Builders Association and the Land Development Authority, we have built two homes that will be auctioned for charity to raise funds to provide a more inclusive community. 

The homes have been built to demonstrate that it is not hard or expensive to build to a gold standard.  This house will grow and change with the occupants, visitors and future owners.  A home built to a gold standard is a great investment in your own future.

How could people in the community support your ambition?

Come and see the house we have built on the open days and think about how you could benefit from living in a house that is easy to enter, responsive to your changing needs and capable of easy and cost effective adaption.

How will you promote your ambition to the community?

Through people coming to see the house and showing them how easy it is to get around.

What will success look like?

More people building their own homes and investment properties to liveable housing guidelines (or gold standard) that can grow and change with people’s lives and changing life circumstances.

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