Belconnen Arts Centre with Moira Nelson

My goal is to raise awareness through art of how our similarities and differences make our community vibrant.

Describe your community ambition

My project involves painting and photographing eight members of the community and listening to their stories. This work will be presented in an exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre in November 2016, entitled Same Same But Different. Through my art I hope people connect with the similarities in all of us.

How will you take action to achieve your ambition?

I will spend a month as artist in residence at Belconnen Arts Centre drawing and photographing members of the community. Through creating this work and sharing these portraits and stories in Same Same But Different, I hope to show people that we are not so different from each other, regardless of our background or abilities.

How could people in the community support your ambition?

I am seeking members eight of the community to sit and have their portraits painted, be photographed and share their stories with me. Please contact me if you are interested by contacting me through clicking on the green button below 'Donating Time and Skills'

How will you promote your ambition to the community?

Belconnen Arts Centre will share this ambition through Twitter, Facebook and their website.

What will success look like?

I engage eight participants who can take part in this project and the exhibition is well attended with positive responses from the visitors.

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