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Getting Canberrans of all abilities connecting with their community.

Describe your community ambition


Research shows that social connections are vital for good health and well-being, and the impact on health of social isolation is comparable to smoking. In response to this, the Connect and Participate (CAP) Expo aims to entice people of all ages and abilities to join a group for fun, and make connections with like minded people.

Therefore, our ambition is to increase the number of Canberrans of all ages and abilities joining a group after visiting the CAP Expo on 25 March 2017. A huge range of possibilities for connection and participation in the community will be at one location on one day; from sport and recreation groups, to art, craft, music, leisure, cultural, performing arts, hobby, social and ‘special interest’ groups. The event is held at the Former Bus Depot in Kingston, and is a great day out for the whole family. There is something for everyone.

How will you take action to achieve your ambition?


  • One of the barriers to more people attending the Expo is parking issues. We will endeavour to increase the number of people using public transport to reach the venue.

  • This will be the fourth year in a row the CAP Expo has been organised. To prevent event ‘fatigue’, we will need to provide a drawcard (ie. something different) to encourage past attendee’s to return to the event in 2017. We will investigate a strategy where we invite ACT schools to perform on stage for up to 20 minutes each to attract more young people and families to the event.

  • We will explore a range of additional promotional strategies to raise awareness of the event, and take opportunities to reach the community be making further connections.


How could people in the community support your ambition?


  • Like us on Facebook (go to the website

  • Promote the event to friends and family, and come along yourself

  • If you are a member of a group or club that is welcoming of all abilities, encourage them to apply to have a stall at the expo (minimal cost as this event is very heavily subsidised)

  • If you have connections with media or advertising opportunities, please let us know so we can take advantage of this and reach more people

How will you promote your ambition to the community?

Through a range of promotional strategies including radio, print and online news media, posters, social media, road signs, email lists, through other events (eg. the Multicultural Festival and other Expo’s), bus advertising.

What will success look like?


  • More than 6000 people of all ages and abilities attend the event in 2017.

  • Reports from participating groups indicate an increase in people joining groups compared to previous years (more than 320 new members).

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