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Cyclabilities' community ambition is to empower children with additional needs through the development of cycling skills.

Cyclabilities community ambition is to support, de...

Describe your community ambition

Cyclabilities' community ambition is to support, develop and enhance children with additional needs road safety knowledge and cycling skills. Through developing these skills Cyclabilities aims to provide children with additional needs and their families with a valuable and meaningful life skill and means of transportation. Cyclabilities inclusive, individualised program is holistically designed to support and increase each participant's confidence, self-worth, skills and functioning in the world. The program has additional benefits in that it is family based which builds friendships, support networks and strong community connections.  


How will you take action to achieve your ambition?

Cyclabilities are starting their journey in October 2016 through the implementation of a  therapy based pilot program.  This pilot program run by educators and exercise physiologists will support a group of children with additional needs and provide them and their families with an individualised, therapy based program that will incorporate road safety skilling, strength and conditioning, balance and motor skill development and cycling components.   

Once the pilot program is complete a review and further development will be undertaken. 

The rollout of the full Cyclabilities program will be conducted in 2017.


How could people in the community support your ambition?

The community can support or program in a number of ways!

Share our facebook page with anyone who you think would benefit from the program. 

Donations- being a pilot program we are establishing resources and hoping to build a relationship with future suppliers.


We would like our participants to have:

Cyclabilities branded cycling jerseys (opportunities for sponsors logos to be displayed)

Cyclabilities branded drink bottles

Helmets and safety gear

Cyclabilities branded backpacks

Cyclabilities branded sweat towels

Bikes, bike modifications and bike maintenance

Graphic design and printing

Marketing and promotion


How will you promote your ambition to the community?

We will promote Cyclabilites via social media, media releases, word of mouth, recommendations and our website (under construction).

Cyclabilities Facebook Link


What will success look like?

This will differ depending on the participants' goals. For some this will be social inclusion, confidence or community access. For other it might be understanding the elements of road safety or learning to ride a bike! 

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