Nathan Ahearne

Creating more opportunities for kids with disability to participate in sport and physical activity.

Describe your community ambition

Our ambition is to get more students with disability to come and join us at Marist College to participate in the Engage Sports initiative. This initiative is a games and sports program run by Marist students. Participating in sport and recreation increases social networks, improves health and well-being, and improves self image. We plan to make the program inclusive by increasing participation of Marist students as a player and team member, as well as organisers and officials.

We also plan to promote what we do to other schools in the ACT to showcase the benefits of running an inclusive sports program and encourage them to develop something similar.  

How will you take action to achieve your ambition?

  • We will make contact with other schools through our networks to raise awareness of the ENGAGE SPORT philosophy and program, and provide advice on program coordination.
  • We will use the INVOLVE platform to reach more people to participate in ENGAGE SPORTS program, and ‘spread the word’ through our communication channels including social media.
  • We will liaise with key people involved on inclusive sport to increase our profile and get ideas to further develop our inclusive sports programs and initiatives.
  • Collect testimonials from participants, students, families and others who have been involved in the Engage Sports initiative and post these to highlight our journey and the positive outcomes of the program.

How could people in the community support your ambition?

  • Sharing the ambitions of ENGAGE Sports
  • Helping us to link in with new participants
  • Providing coaching and resources to assist participation

How will you promote your ambition to the community?

  • Blogging about our activities
  • Sharing testimonials from participants and their families with the broader community
  • Providing information about upcoming programs

What will success look like?

  • Students with disability feel engaged with the students from Marist in a welcoming and genuine way
  • An increased number of participants in the ENGAGE SPORTS program
  • Greater awareness of the ENGAGE SPORTS program in the ACT
  • The program grows at Marist and is well supported by the school community
  • A new program emerging in another ACT school
  • Increased involvement by Marist students as players and team members

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Tue 20/9/16 9:44am

Our ENGAGE Sports program is now into the fourth week and we have been so pleased to welcome some excited new participants and wonderful Marist student volunteers.

The INVOLVE Community Ambitions has successfully helped in spreading the word about ENGAGE Sports, even as far as the office of the Minister for Disability. We recently welcomed the Minister who asked to visit the program and he had a ball playing with the young people and discussing the benefits and challenges of making genuine inclusion a reality for Canberra families.

We currently have eight active ENGAGE Sports participants, just two short of our ambition for ten. It's not too late to register your interest for this round of ENGAGE Sports and your support of spreading the word amongst the Canberra community is greatly appreciated.