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To deliver Disability Confidence Canberra training to a group of retailers based in the ACT to increase their knowledge and confidence about including people with disability as employees and customers and to prompt them to improve access.

Who am I?

Craig Wallace is the president of People with Disability Australia – a peak national cross-disability rights organisation – as well as deputy community co-chair of the ACT Disability Expert Panel in the ACT and a member of the ACT Inclusion Council. Craig has had a career spanning government, not for profit and the business sector. He is currently the Access Campaign Manager for People with Disabilities ACT and working as a consultant. Craig has a disability called central core disease and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

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Why should people support this action?

Retail is an important sector of the ACT economy and provides services in local communities where people shop every day. 

The next time you are at a shop, restaurant or other small business tell them that disability access effects where you eat, shop and play. 

For instance, when you are dining out ask if they have a disability toilet and let them know that having facilities like this for everyone plays a part when you choose the businesses you support.

Tell them that including people with disability as customers and employee’s matters to you and effects your choices. 

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Ambition Update
Mon 15/2/16 11:08am

On 7 October 2015, Craig delivered a presentation to a group of 20 business owners from the Phillip Business Community on how they could be more inclusive of people with disability.  Craig provided an overview of Disability Confidence Canberra - a resource with information on disability, facts on disability employment, and practical tools to become disability confident.   Here are examples of actions from the Disability Confidence Canberra handbook you can do TODAY to improve access for people with a mobility disability.

Have a clean-up day and reduce clutter in and around your store or workstation.

Clear all traffic areas of low level hazards such as boxes and cables—this can make a difference to a person with a mobility or vision impairment. Remember, mobility disabilities come in many forms, it’s not just people using wheelchairs .

Put a regular chair in your waiting area so that guests don’t need to stand for long periods.  

Think about having a lowered area of your counter or workspace where people interact with you.  

Are your doors heavy? Consider getting them lightened, de-sprung or wedged open during business hours.

Put some information on your webpage about accessible parking and the nearest accessible toilets for visitors.